AVMA Activation Failing

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The Host is a standard install with gui, I activated with the DataCenter Key no Issues and then I added the Hyper-V role. The VM I installed standard with gui and has no roles the VM will not activate on its own or using the AVMA key listed for Datacenter. I have used "slmgr -upk" to remove activation (eval) and receive this error when I use "slmgr /ipk H3RNG-8C32Q-Q8FRX-6TDXV-WMBMW". When you type in the error code it says it an activation issue call Microsoft and then has a hyperlink that dumps you in the Windows 10 activation page. I have called microsoft support multiple times and they just point me to Paid Support ($500 single case) of which I do not have a support plan. Windows updates have been installed on both machines with no change to outcome, and yes I have tried rebooting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




Host Build info

Host Build.PNG

VM Build info

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Might also try;

dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerDataCenter /AcceptEULA /ProductKey:H3RNG-8C32Q-Q8FRX-6TDXV-WMBMW




I forgot to list that I had tried that as well, thank you for the response tho.  


dsim error.PNG


What's the result of;

Dism /Online /Get-CurrentEdition

Dism /Online /Get-TargetEditions




Dism /Online /Get-CurrentEdition




Dism /Online /Get-TargetEditions




Some other things to try;

  • check the host application event log for Security-SPP 12309/12310 events
  • stand up a new Server 2019 guest as a test
  • try using the host product key to activate guest



No dice, I have 2 other VMs that have the same issues and I have tried using the Host's product key with no success. I checked the logs on the Host for the listed error codes and did not see any.   

0xC004F069 =  The product SKU is not found

I'd try using some different install media or if a download I'd try getting again from a different location to avoid getting the same copy stored on ISP's caching devices.



As far as I know you can't use AVMA to convert Eval to Retail. You should not use an Evaluation-Media to install your VM's in the first place. You already have a Server Datacenter Retail license so you should just use the same installation media for your VM's. The retail installations will auto-activate with an AVMA Key.

If you have some specific reason why you have to use Eval-Media for your VM's, you need a Retail-Productkey to convert them to retail-version. AVMA will not work here.

If you have a retail product key you want to use, just use the DISM-command you already tried, but with the retail product key for ServerDatacenter.

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Thanks for the Info. I only used the eval media because without access to the volume licensing center it was the only ISO source available.


I used   

dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerDataCenter /AcceptEULA /ProductKey:<Retail Key>


and it converted the eval edition to retail then used 

slmgr /ipk H3RNG-8C32Q-Q8FRX-6TDXV-WMBMW


To change the retail key to the AVMA key, not sure why I didn't think to try the retail key with the dism cmd but you comment gave me the idea. I also got a hold of a retail ISO.