Auto lost files windows 10 pro

Amr Khattab



I face a strange issue, I have a lot of files in desktop while PC not responding I did restart, after restarting desktop icons and many files, folders were auto lost. is there any way to recover it. I am using windows 10 Pro. I am sure that I did not delete these files and folders.


Thanks for your support.

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Sounds like the restart may have caused some profile corruption. I'd look for the missing files in another similarly named folder in \users 




Hi Dave,

I already search in \users but I did not find them, is there any way to recover them.

Thanks for your support.

The disk drive might have failed. If they're not found anywhere on the disk or backed up in cloud storage such as OneDrive you may need a third party drive recovery solution.






Hello there ! Yes it's strange , usually nothing happens like this . Might be the Files are hidden . Find them using CMD or check this link .  

Follow the instruction hopefully you;ll find what you are looking for .


I tried to use the mentioned steps but unfortunately the data not come back, is there any way to recover it

You may try some data recovery tools. One tool I've used quite successfully in the past is from OnTrack (EasyRecovery Pro, IIRC), but it's not free.

A Google search will point you to a lot of tools.

You should also set up some backup in the future. Either Files history, the old Backup (as it appears now in the Control Panel in Win10) or even some script to copy to OneDrive, NAS, USB stick or cloud is better than nothing.




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