Anti-Virus not installing

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I have just taken over a new server and went to install AV software (Bitdefender).  It doesn't connect back to the online server for updates nor registration.  All other workstations communicate just fine.  I figure it must be Windows Defender which is blocking the needed ports.  When I log in via Administrator, and try to launch the Defender App, I am getting 


error.  I then tried to launch "Run as Admin"  and I still get the same error.  My environment is a single domain and single server.  What am I missing here or is there another setting I am missing.  I have also created another ID added it to the Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins and still have the same results.  Please help as I need to get this server under a better AV.



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The error may be the result of the software you installed since only one AV product can be active. I'd probably reach out to the vendor for support.