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1. Microsoft pushing different container orchestration platforms simultaneously and it's difficult to decide where to invest time learning and implementing. There is swarm, DC/OS, kubernetes and service fabric. So question is which container orchestration is supported for windows container and worth investing time and money into?

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Great question – we’ve got a number of options available for you including: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Service Fabric and soon DC/OS.  At the end of the day the choice is yours – if you have existing deployments that might be the best place to start, if you are coming into this space as a new user I would recommend playing around with two just to provide some comparisons but I would make one of those Kubernetes as that is clearly emerging as the orchestrator of choice across the industry and with many customers.


Thanks for the great question - hope this helps!

Well the problem with Kubernetes that it does not support Windows containers. The only supported orchestrators are swarm and SF, is it correct?
Yes, when will AKS support Windows containers? (Ideally a selectable mix of win/linux)

Several Kubernetes distributions have announced support forthcoming and it is available in preview on Azure though ACS (which is how I use it).  Swarm and Service Fabric are supported on-prem today.

The AKS team is working on adding support next year (not being a direct member of that team I don't want to commit on specific dates for them...) but the goal is hybrid deployments - i.e. mix of Linux and Windows nodes.  If you want to play with something now take a look at  Anthony is one of our Cloud Developer Advocates and has been doing some nice work in this space.

Yes, we have tried that, but obviously we want the fully managed masters. So thanks for the other answer.
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