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2. Looks like Nano 1709 removed IIS. So now if you want to deploy webservice with SSL frontend the only viable option is to go to UNIX work (NGINIX). Question what is Microsoft guidance as far as front-end for .NET core running on NANO server?

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Another great question – with .Net Core 2.0 the Kestrel web server is fully supported a production web server that does not require IIS. We found this to be more aligned with the container usage model while also providing great scalability and performance which is in part why we aligned to its use model.
In contrast to that document, in real life the Asp.Net Core team still recommends a reverse proxy for internet exposure of kestrel.

@Ulf Axelsson Please provide link to document where .NET core team still advises external HTTP proxy for HTTP/HTTPS termination.

No, no document available, you get the proxy answer if you ”push” in a conference session or workshop. With ” in real life” i meant verbally...

@Taylor Brown So can I rely on your answer to host production workload straight up on Kestrel in .NET 2.0 since it's not the first time I hear .NET core team still advising external proxy to handle to HTTP/HTTPS which was yanked from Nano 1709