Always On VPN : user and device tunnel in system context possible?

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We're deploying Always On VPN (user tunnel)
Because of an incompatibility we needed to install the user tunnel in the system context, making it appear in the alluserconnection (get-vpnconnection -alluserconnection)

The user tunnel is working as expected with autoconnect right after logon.

We'd now like to enable a device tunnel as well, but to what I can find, a requirement for the device tunnel is that there shouldn't be any other vpn connections configured already when running "get-vpnconnection -alluserconnection"
reference eg :
I'm not able to find an official MS article that mentions this requirement..

I'm able to deploy the device tunnel, but it doesn't work as expected. To what I notice it interferes with the user tunnel.

Is there anyone who can shed some light on this situation, or have the same configured?


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