Allow access to Office products via GPO

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Good evening,  I have a small environment that I setup few months back for a private school that has about 15 computers including 5 general purpose library computers that students can use.  In AD I have a student user which is shared by all students to log into the 5 computers mentioned above.  The student account is heavily restricted in what it can do on the computer.  I pretty much only allow filtered access to the internet via a single Browser ICON on the desktop.  They are not allowed to do anything else on the computers such as access directory structure, or other areas.  A requirement now is to allow the students use Microsoft Office applications and save their data on their personal USB sticks.  Not initially a fan of using USB sticks on the network, I am planning on placing these 5 PCs in their own VLAN and allowing access to the internet ONLY.   My question,  is there a GPO setting that I can configure so I can allow access to Office apps and perhaps the USB drive folder on these computers?  Right now the desktop is empty as I stated above except a single icon.  


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