After Hyper-V failover + failback, where are VM's files?


What is the best practice replica storage location on the primary Hyper-V node when I expect to planned failover to a secondary, then failback to the primary, such as for regularly scheduled maintenance?


What storage location will a VM be running from after these steps?

  1. planned failover a vm (\\primary\s\Hyper-V\...) to secondary node (\\secondary\s\ReplicaStorage)
  2. replication traffic begins flowing from \\secondary\s\ReplicaStorage to \\primary\s\ReplicaStorage
  3. failback from secondary to primary, what files are the VM running from? \\primary\s\ReplicaStorage - or the original location of \\primary\s\Hyper-V\ ???
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answered my own question: I've verified it's a non-issue. You don't need to specify a different storage location on the primary or replica hyper-v host - because during the planned failover, they each shake hands and understand that one data location is now the replica (the original primary), and the other data location (the previous replica server, which is now becoming the primary) is the primary.