After Hours Not Restarting

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I have my servers set to restart after Windows Updates outside of Active Hours. It shows this also in the Settings. However, the servers never restart. Is there a reason for this or another setting I might be missing? Thanks!


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Might be someone was logged on?



@Dave Patrick 


Is there a way to bypass that? 99% of the time I have no users logged in. Sometimes we leave administrator user logged in, but it is okay to restart anyway. Thank you.

A few listed here that could affect the restart.






@Dave Patrick 


Here is how mine is setup:


Might check the values below (if they exist)


AUOptions = 2
NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers = 0
NoAutoUpdate = 0
RebootRelaunchTimeoutEnabled = 0
RebootWarningTimeoutEnabled = 0

@Dave Patrick


Here is what I see in regedit. 


The update log or event logs may also provide clues.