ADMT PES (Password Export Server) 3.1 x64 Package - Download link broken:

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ADMT PES (Password Export Server) 3.1 x64 Package - Download link broken:


- I am attempting to perform an ADMT migration

- I wish to setup Password Export Server as part of that migration
- We're sorry, this download is no longer available. 

How do I get this download?

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The link you have shared, is for a page which contains the broken link I am referring to in my original post.


I still am unable to download Password Export Server 3.1 x64 as the link does not work.


Oh yea, I noticed this.

I even try to search other sites for a mirror, but some mirror sites report that Microsoft did not allow to keep a copy of this setup, and they remove it.



Where did you see it reported that Microsoft did not allow it to be kept?

I have been wondering if it was taken down on purpose, however, that does seem odd if it was, as ADMT is still available, and PES is used for ADMT.

Also, I can't seem to find any official document saying that ADMT or PES is being retired. It is still supported as far as I know?



I will need to go through the history to find it as it was written from some of the mirrors admins.

Anyway, still I find this version

I don't know if you are looking for a version-specific release or not, but this is the 3.1



I need the x64 bit version - I get an error trying to run the 32 bit version

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Just an FYI the facilitator I was working with said the files were taken down because of outdated SHA1 signing, I was finally passed on to the content owner and just now told the files were updated to SHA2 long ago and should not have been taken down, she said they should be published again here in the next couple of hours.

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@Dave Patrick 

Thanks for the update - hopefully official downloads become available soon.

Just an update the tools have been republished and are accessible.


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