Adding a New Server at Remote Site

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I need to Replace a Dead Server at a Remote Site

Both sites have a 100/100 Leased Line

Site to Site VPN is configured at Router Level


The old server died and we have got new Server.

Setup as workstation then joined to the domain

(Previous IT manager setup the Domain the Remote site Server)


Can loging etc but I can't create shares

From the Mainsite server I've added the new server in the list

but I can't see the Server from the Mainsite to setup Shares

Server list says "in progress" under manageability


Just thought of this whilst writing this:

Do I need to do this at the Main site where the DC is located???

Have domain joined PC/NB's at the Remote Site and we can use the computers normally.


The main site 250miles away

Any ideas would be appreciated



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I need to Replace a Dead Server at a Remote Site


What roles are needed?



Same as old Server
Prints - 4 Printers and 2 Plotters
2 x File share - local to Satalite Site

Simplest may be to remote desktop into the new server to do the configurations.



Actually that wnat I have done
The New Server was shipped direct to the at the Remote Site
Had someone get it setup and had them install TeamViewer Host
I joined the domain and all looked good!
Setup Printers - they work
Just have no options for setting up domain share
At the Main site the new Server is added - but shows In Progress
Following you message earlier
Just looking Roles - noticed File & Storage Services was ticked - so assumed File Shares should work!
May be I need to Install "File Server Role too"