ADCS Notification bug in Server manager

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Hi, i'm coming here for some help on the server manager.


Has anyone ever had a persistent notification problem on the server manager after a role deployment despite the correct configuration of the role in question?

And did you find a solution to remove the notification?


On my side, I have a problem with an ADCS that has been installed, configured, ... But a notification asks us to configure the role, and it is already configured.

We've set up : 

  • Certification Authority
  • Certification Enrollment Policy Web Service

    I tried to edit a registry key :
 Set-ItemProperty `
–Path registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManager\Roles\16 `
–Name ConfigurationState `
–Value 2

But nothing happened, same with a reboot.

I find that we could uninstall and reinstall the role but that's not really a solution because the ADCS is actually in production.


Does anyone have any idea ?

Windows Server 2016 up to date


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