ADBA Windows 10 Activation Not Persistent

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I have setup ADBA for Windows 10 activation.  We're having an issue where different and multiple workstations randomly get the watermark saying to activate Windows.  When checking Start / Settings / Update & Security / Activation this also shows that Windows is not activated.  HOWEVER when running SLMGR.VBS /DLV, the status shows as licensed.  The various troubleshooting steps we have  used include

  • SLMGR /ato to reactivate which always works. 
  • SLMGR /ipk to manually apply the license (recommended by "MS Support")
  • Replace the TOKENS.DAT (recommended by "MS Support")

I put MS Support in quotes because it's their outsourced support.


So far nothing has stuck.


We have ADBA objects for Server 2019 and Office 2019.  So far none of our 2019 servers or Office activations have this issue.


Please help if possible.






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