AD Computer Account Replication

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I have a question about computer account creation in AD.


If a computer account is created in AD "Site A" and the user tried to log into the computer immediately after it was created from "Site B", and "Site B" is not directly linked in Sites and Services to "Site A", (meaning it would need to replicate to other sites before being replicated to the users local site).


Would the user get an error stating the computer account does not exist? Just curious because we have had some issues where computer account creation is automated in one site but when the user logs in they are getting "The Security Database does not have a computer account....." message and I am thinking this may be the reason. The computer account gets created in "Site A" but the local DC in the users site ("Site B") does not have a record of that new computer account and therefore gets the error stated. 

Thanks in advance!

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I'd agree, and here's more on how the intersite replication works.     

Determining the Interval | Microsoft Learn