Active Directory Schema Attributes vs Version

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Hi all,

 i'm searching documentations about the attributes used in active directory schema based on its version.

My versions range is from "Windows 2008 R2" (v47) to "Windows 2019" (v88).


The target of my search is a document/wiki that i can use to check if an attribute exist in my versions range, or, if the usage change in some versions, to prevent exception when a software try to access to it.


At the moment, i find only this wiki:


Here i can find all attributes vs schema version and the related information (data type, name, access, etc), but seems not cover the newer schema versions.


For example, if i want to check the attribute "department", i can go to the detailed description:

an see the implementation in older versions (typically the newer is windows server 2012). 


Exist a list that include newer versions (from windows server 2012 r2 to 2019)?


Thanks for any info



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