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Active Directory Backup & Restore issue

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I have taken backup of my operational Active Directory server and tried to restore it to different machine.


My server is up and able to access Active Directory users and computer console.


when i am trying to create new user, it is giving me below error.






Source and Destination server has same platform.


Anyone has idea ?


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You are missing the RID master (I guess you had more DCs in your original network but took the backup from a server which didn't have that role).
See here for how to assign your restored DC the missing roles (or search for "seize FSMO roles"):

@Blaze Ristov 


Thank you for response.


Yes I have multiple domain controller and I have restored backup of my primary domain controller in which FSMO roles available. I have verified and RID master role is available on restored machine.

It was showing error so I tried to restore my both DC in lab and checked it is working fine.


I didn't received any error for user creation this time.