Accidentally Renamed Desktop To Documents

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Okay, so this is a bit of a dumb thing on my part. I didn't have enough space on my C: drive for the folder I wanted to place on my desktop (which is located on my C drive), so I {unprofessionally} attempted to move my Desktop to my D drive without the proper actions. I haven't set up any proper folders for my D drive so everything I've thrown in there is on its own. I thought it would be alright since I moved my Documents to the D drive as well and it turned out fine. I figured "what could it hurt?" It hurt a lot.

When I had moved my Documents to the D: drive originally, I never changed the name from D:\ to Documents. And so, when I moved my Desktop to the D: drive in the same manner, its name was changed to D:\ as well. Well... I can't change them back, and now they are both considered the same thing. Whatever changes I make to one of them, it changes to the other as well! I can't seem to change their names and give them proper locations. I realize that I'm in a sticky situation, but I'm hoping I could fix it... Please help!

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The simplest solution may be to create a new local user account, logon with new account and copy any needed items over from the corrupt profile.