About windowsServer2019with workgroup cluster for which there is no Active Director

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I want to know about function of WindowsServer2019 with workgroup cluster for which there is no Active Director. Is this covers all function comparing with WSFC which builded with  Active Director?

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Not everything is supported/available. You can read more here:

From the article:

The following table summarizes the workload support for Workgroup and Multi-site clusters.

Cluster Workload

Supported/Not Supported

More Information

SQL Server


We recommend that you use SQL Server Authentication.  This will apply to only SQL Server Always On Availability Groups (AGs).  SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI) will require Kerberos for Active Directory authentication.

File Server

Supported, but not recommended

Kerberos (which is not available) authentication is the preferred authentication protocol for Server Message Block (SMB) traffic.


Supported, but not recommended

Live migration is not supported. Quick migration is supported.

Message Queuing (MSMQ)

Not supported

Message Queuing stores properties in AD DS.


Thank you very much. I was planning to use on Hyper-V. But in article, I just knowed it is not recommended.And also Live migration is not supported.