2008 to 2019 essentials ~ support.microsoft /docs needs to have updated page

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Requesting staff post current info on a plan to migrate to new 2019 essentials server. I see many documents pertaining to 2008 to 2012 server.
In the absence of a viable procedure for 2008 to 2019 essentials....
So far, it seems expeditious to robocopy user files and rebuild them as "new user" on the joined server. There are only six users on the single 2008 server.

I can let the QuickBooks support people transfer their stuff over. Anything else I'll robocopy...

It would be nice if staff can "weigh in" on this plan, as likely, other firms like my client, are in the same boat.

Sorry but I can't authorize $500 for a ticket... For a procedure that Microsoft used to make available in a timely manner.

Guy K
San Diego
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