0x8007003A when writing to DFS shared mounted disk with active file screens

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Disclaimer: I try to be as positive as possible, despite the head-exploding anger I'm feeling against MS since a few years, looking at the software quality they are delivering (what quality?). Are they even thinking when releasing a Windows Server? Sure, I need Microsoft Store on a Windows Server, so I can play Candy Crush Saga on it using my fancy-touchy Surface tablet while taking a dump, touching the screen with my filthy fingers. Also, a wallpaper is mandatory on a Windows Server, especially cool when you are on a high-latency connection. Great! Not even mentioning that that great wallpaper gets messed up sometimes and renders only half-way, leaving the other half of the screen solid-blue. GREAT JOB!

/rant over


Now, fix this bug, finally: https://serverfault.com/a/991125


oh, forgot about some stuff in my rant: go on, keep spamming the event log about a non-working cortana crappy app which NOBODY needs on a server. also, keep spamming users with "we are adding features to your windows" and then "oops something went wrong while adding features", every 5 minutes. guess what: NOBODY CARES!


An OS is a TOOL which is needed to accomplish TASKS. When people are working on their TASKS, nobody cares about the OS and whether that OS is happy or not. The OS should work as silently and as resource conserving as possible in the BACKGROUND, without bugging the user all the time, like "caress me, feed me, love me, change my diapers". Updates in the background (without using 8 cores @ 4 GHz, wearing out an SSD and taking up gigabytes of RAM while still taking 4 hours to complete). Bug the user only if it is really important. No, Windows Defender telling me that it didn't find anything If I didn't even start a scan by myself is NOT important. Tell me again if you find something, now bugger off.


Not even talking about non-working search box in the start menu, if some filthy, useless cloud service @ microsoft crapped itself. Open start menu sometimes takes seconds? Horrible UI design?

Windows: A dream come true! ..... Nooooot.

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I just laughed my a** off when I saw that the view counter increases with every refresh I do on the page. and that's while I'm even logged in :cryingwithlaughter::cryingwithlaughter::cryingwithlaughter::cryingwithlaughter::cryingwithlaughter:


Just another testimony for think-before-you-code @ MS :cryingwithlaughter: