Windows server 2019 serial number not activating

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My issue is we bought server 2019 and 20 cals for RDP. I installed it on an experimental machine out curiosity for about two days that I was about to decommission, to my knowledge it was never registered. So the machine was decommissioned, and all the parts were scrapped. Then when I attempted to install server and the client access license on their new server build, which was in postponement due to delivery issues over COVID. so the server build parts had been quite a while in coming. when I installed windows on the new server, which is the actual one that we bought windows server 2019 for, it will not activate. So I logged onto our companies Microsoft account to see if I could not unregister that old PC in case it self registered, it it's not listed in our computer profile and looks like it was never registered. Some of our company PCs show up on our account, and some don't. At one time in the past all of our registered PCs and software was there. I've noticed quite a few flaws in what our MS account shows that we have purchased vs what we actually have purchased. I cannot find any way to contact anyone at Microsoft about our account to ask questions without paying a ransom fee $400 to ask questions to tech-support. that is unacceptable. If Microsoft is wondering why people are running to other platforms it's because they're nickel and dimming people to death. Im being told we have to buy a whole new copy of server and CALs which is also unacceptable since we never used the one purchased Pryor. MS website is sluggish at best and now our 5 licenses for Office 2019 pro plus now has disappeared from our microsoft account. I had to turn off updates for office because every time it updates, office 2019 pro plus turns into office 365!! We have both versions of office but 365 always supersedes our instal of office 2019. With all the issues with our account I cant be certain what activation issue is. I know my serial number is good, the software is legitimate. So how does one proceed. I'm not about to $400 just to ask a MS representative a question about account when it in error to no fault of our own. and I don't think we should have purchase a new operating system and licenses either! MS is such a very frustrating company to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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