Windows 2022 Server RDS - TaskBar Laggy/Slow/Freeze frequently

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Windows 2022 Remote desktop servers taskbar freezing in RDP users

We are finding the task bar in all sessions (including admin/local) suffer from a delay of 30-45 seconds (varies) when trying to click on the taskbar i.e. to change applications or right click for task manager.issues with the task bar/random task bar freezing on Windows Server 2022 RDS
Once the taskbar has focus its responsive as usual, but once it loses focus i.e. you click back into your application, when you try to click on the task bar its delayed to respond again.

This is happening on both our 2022 RDS servers - clean boot doesn't resolve the issue, they are fully patched to date.




Troubleshotting steps:

-Restart the “Explorer” process
-recreate user profile in RDP
-update the latest windows patch
-Run sfc/scannow
-Disable programs on the Startup tab


If you know anyone please give a solution/feedback.



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