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I want to extend a warm welcome to all the developers and application administrators that have been joining the community, this is an exciting time for me and hopefully for all of you as well.  I am proud to have contributed to each release of Windows Server since 2003 but I am especially proud to be part of the team as we go from shipping every 2-3 year with previews every six months to shipping fully supported releases every six months and insider builds twice a month.  I’m also honored to have the job of making Windows Server the operating system developers are excited to build software for. 


My career in software started largly by accident – I needed a job and the Windows team needed someone to test firewire on Windows XP, while I loved computers when I started it was a job to pay my bills while I got a business degree.  Three months later I was learning how to debug and write Windows drivers and actually writing bug fixes that shipped in Windows.  Having that global impact hooked me on software development and I started taking CS classes (even becoming a “Microsoft Certified Application Developer for Visual Studio .NET”) and dropped out of business school (much to my parent’s chagrin).  I’m excited about the opportunities we have in front of us and I love that we get to work with a community to bring these opportunities to life.




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What a great story (and impressive ramp up), @Taylor Brown! I`m looking forward to see the great Windows Server developer discussions to be hosted here, as indeed this is a very exciting time for Windows Server and the new releases model.


And for those that haven`t seen it yet, check out the Windows Server blog post:

Previews for Windows Server Semi-annual Channel releases coming soon


I had a 2003 Msdn Subscription containing a DVD installation of Windows Server 2003 Standard and Enterprise Edition. I never used that OS but now I need to install it on a virtual machine.

There is not a product key on the DVD, but just a link to a Microsoft page where to find that code.

Of course the page does not exist anymore or I cannot find it.

Any suggestion for getting my product activetion key ?

Thank you in advance for any help.