Unable to locate VBScript module

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I'm currently trying to migrate one of our company's servers and I'm having issues with finding a certain module to allow some of our legacy software to operate correctly.


We've currently got the system up with Windows Server 2008 R2 and are migrating to Windows Server 2022.


The project we're migrating is a legacy ASP application. The application itself seems to have been migrated fine to the new server. However, the Language setting for the ASP files is `VBScript.Encrypt` and it doesn't look like this module is installed on Windows Server 2022.



<%@ LANGUAGE = VBScript.Encrypt %>



I'm trying to locate the file on the 2008 server and can't seem to find it. I've tried Googling for a download or some way to install it, but I've had no luck.


Any ideas as to how I can get this application migration done?

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