Server 2019 Failure this Passed Weekend.

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Complete system loss. It was a dev system I put together for myself at home. I was experiencing some PCIe errors I think. While a completely new system, it was not a certified server MB. It has an Asus Prime Z790M Plus-D4mb., and a 13th Gen 1700 Intel CPU. 128GB RAM. It has about 14-16TB of HDD space configured into just under 8TB of Raid10 storage. A 2TB NVME OS disk. It should have had the heft.


So what now? Is there any forensics I can do to see what was going on? I can get a cmd line into it but I haven't looked at anything yet. (Update: I tried the command line and I can see the X drive and that is it.).  18TB of disk space missing at the moment.  It is just a family server, mostly for my grandkids to learn about. I also have an older HP running server 2012r2 but that is just about to go unsupported. We had changed our minds about a full AD tree but were still trying to spin up AD LDS.


Not sure if I'm going to try reinstalling the 2019 Server again or not...Thoughts?




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