OBS Setting for my server

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Recently i have got a 1080 ti and an 8700K in my system and I'm trying to get into streaming to twitch and uploading to youtube here and there. I have a 1440p monitor too, which might be causing some of my problems. Currently I use nvenc because x264 usually looks super choppy. I feel like using x264 would be more ideal in this scenario since I'm gaming at 1440p which generally lessens the load on the CPU, but for whatever reason that is not the case. I can stream pretty well at 720p 30 frames, but I'd really like to be able to stream at 60 frames. It's soooo close to being good at 60 frames, but it's just a little too stuttery for my taste. What sort of things should I adjust in order to get that sweet sweet 60 frames? or what settings should I run to get x264 working smoothly? I currently run 2500 bitrate since im not an affiliate yet. Bicubic downscale filter. I also have a laptop with an 8400 and a 1050 that I could get a capture card and use as a streaming PC if you guys think that would be a good idea. Please help me with the input


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