Do Windows Server 2019 support Visual Studio 2012?

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Hi All,


My team has planned to upgrade Windows Server to 2019 version but we're still developing the our application via Visual Studio 2012 basing on x86 mode.


Does anyone know if Visual Studio 2012 (x86 mode) still working on Windows Server 2019? I searched on many websties and blogs but there is no place giving the clear answer. 


Thank you in advanced for your helps.

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It is normally recommended to use Windows client to develop applications.
Windows Server 2012 is supported but there is no information about the support for Windows Server 2019 and it might not work or you have to run it in compatibility mode.
In case you have license , you may install Visual Studio 2019 which is supported in the Windows Server 2019 and it has backward compatibility and you may run the project for Visual Studio 2012.
However, it is good idea to test this and make sure project working correctly in Visual Studio 2019 (e.g. using a Virtual Environment) and then upgrade.

Hi @Reza_Ameri ,


Thank you for you reply. Unfortunately, the project is legacy. It needs to run on Visual Studio 2012 only. I tried to upgrade to Visual Studio 2017, then re-built to the compatiable version. It didn't work. There are too many dependencies since Windows XP (may be older) which take times to fix it. The company decided to not move to new Visual Studio version due to costing too many man hours.


However, the company has planned to upgrade to Windows Server 2019 and they would like to know if Visual Studio 2012 still works on a new Windows Server.


On my opinion, it should be fine as long as we can install Visual Studio 2012 but the company needs the clear and precise answer to confirm. That's why I came to from this community and hope I could get some answer to show them.

I haven't test it, but I believe it won't work.
Because Windows Server 2019 supports new standards and .NET which is not available in the previous version of Visual Studio.