Connect Windows Server Key to Microsoft Account

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So I was looking and searching for any thread on the internet, but couldn't find anything...


Well the story is... I have a Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Key. And I probably will switch different server providers and tried experimenting on my own little Server in my basement with an old AMD Athlon 2... so my thought was: "Wait if I use my Windows Server Key one time, it will probably become invalid..."


So I would like to know if there is any chance I could use my Windows Server Key without worrying that it will become invalid.


I remember that you can attatch your Windows 10 key to your MS Account... but on Windows Server... there is no option for that (probably because it's meant more for Enterprise solutions...)

But is there a solution for private developers?

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It depends on your license, where did you get it?

If there was any issue with activation, you may contact Microsoft Support.

The feature you mentioned is available in Windows 10 because it is for home users and there are many type of licenses and to make it easier to manage their license , this feature is available.

However, for Windows Server, normally you will get license from manufacturer or through Microsoft licensing program where you have support for it.