Azure VM Agent Status not ready

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I have created a red hat openshift private cluster but the VMS are stuck in the state of "agent status not ready." 


I have followed these troubleshooting steps: 

Linux Virtual Machine Agent Status "Not Ready" - Microsoft Community Hub


However, all of them seem to point to trying to check and see what is on the VM itself. I am unable to do this because I can't SSH into the machine. Has anyone else ran into this issue and been able to resolve it? I am deploying it via CLI as I was not able to do it via GUI for some reason. This is my script:


#az login
az account set --name "accountnamehidden"
#az provider register -n Microsoft.RedHatOpenShift --wait
#az provider register -n Microsoft.Compute --wait
#az provider register -n Microsoft.Storage --wait
#az provider register -n Microsoft.Authorization --wait


$LOCATION= "eastus" # the location of your cluster
$RESOURCEGROUP= "sample-rg" # the name of the resource group where you want to create your cluster
$CLUSTER= "K8sDev1test" # the name of your cluster
$arovnet= "sample-vnet"
$mastersubnet = "k8sDev1-master-ue-snet"
$workersubnet = "k8sDev1-worker-ue-snet"

az aro create --resource-group "samplerg" --vnet-resource-group "sample-vnet-rg" --name $CLUSTER --vnet $arovnet --master-subnet "k8sDev1-master-ue-snet" --worker-subnet "k8sDev1-worker-ue-snet" --apiserver-visibility Private --ingress-visibility Private --fips true --outbound-type UserDefinedRouting --client-id hidden --client-secret hidden


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