Add Template Support for Custom Policy Module for Enterprise CA

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Hi all,

I hope, I'm in the right community hub here.
We are developing a custom policy module which should do nothing else than change adapt some
values given by the CSR for a set of given templates.
Despite we did quite an amount of research we weren't able to find more than the Microsoft Documentation and the sample (also provided by MS) here:

So, the required functionality can easily be implemented, BUT
This sample has no security enabled and does not respect the settings given by the template.
E.g. if the template says that a certificate should be valid for 1 year the CA still issues certificates
that are valid for 2 years.
Is there somewhere any source code available which is suitable for an Enterprise CA that we could
take as a base or any other hint where to look for apart from the usual MS Docu which is not very extensive in that respect?


Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated.

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