Security permission was insufficient to update your device error on Motorola Q Devices
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First published on TechNet on Jul 24, 2006
[Today's tip comes to us courtesy of James Frederickson]

So you got a new Motorola Q phone from Verizon Wireless and you are trying to install a Certificate and you are getting the following error:

Security permission was insufficient to update your device

Here is some information that will help you connect your Motorola Q to Exchange Server 2003 using OMA, providing your server is set up for Windows Mobile devices.

The phone needs a root CA to access your Exchange server when using SSL. The Motorola Q phone has some certified certificates already built into the phone.

To view them on the Q -- go to:


If the listed certificates are not the current certificate that you use on your exchange, then you need a Root CA from your exchanger server to add to your Q phone. Self signed Root CAs are ok.  {See below for information on certificates}

To install the certificate  (cert)

Download VZW_spaddcert.exe from:

Knowledgebase Article:


  1. Create a "Storage" folder in the root directory. (Must be called Storage )
  2. Copy VZW_spaddcert.exe file to the Q.
  3. Copy your root <xxx>.cer to the storage folder.
  4. Execute VZW_spaddcert.exe and select the cert.
  5. Soft reset (reboot) the phone.

Setting up the Motorola Q phone

Click on [START]-->ActiveSync--Menu-->[Configure Server OR Add Server Source] Server Address is the name of you mail server or IP Address that is seen from the Internet.


[x] If using SSL port 443 or another one that has been defined as the

SSL port


Username:[] Password: Domain:[]  [x] Save password

The Domain can be checked by doing a (control-alt-del) on your computer and checking Logon information username and domain. This information must be the same as what will be used on the Q phone.

Choose the data that you want to synchronize: contact--calendar--email--tasks




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