"Inside SBS" Podcast First Episode September 25th
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First published on TechNet on Sep 02, 2005
As promised, the SBS podcast is going live!  We'll be recording our first show on September 25th.  Justin Crosby, Michelle Dixon, Peter Gallegher and I will be talking about SBS, highlighting current issues, and fielding your calls and emails.  We've been hard at work "behind the scenes" getting everything together that we need to produce a quality presentation.

I want to invite the members of the SBS community to start sending in any questions, comments, observations, you-name-it.  If it's about SBS, we'll talk about it (time permitting, of course).  For our first show, we won't be taking live calls (subsequent shows will feature live phone calls), but I invite you to send your questions in in any manner you like - post a comment to this blog, send me feedback from the Contact link on the left, or, if you prefer, send an email question (or even a voice recording) to the podcast's email address: sbspod at microsoft . com .

Look here for the download link on the 25th!

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