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First published on TechNet on Oct 11, 2005
Wow!  We've added about 100 new subscribers this week.  Thanks for your comments and feedback, keep them coming!

A couple of people have asked me about our setup and how to participate in the call.  Our main recording device until now has been a call in to LiveMeeting session (mainly for ease in recording).  Of course, that only gives us phone-quality recording.  Going forward, I've got some more high-quality equipment on the way.  If you want to ask us anything, or if you simply want to listen live on your phone, dial the number below.  You will be prompted for a participant passcode.  Once you enter the passcode, you'll be able to hear the podcast, but your phone will be muted.  We'll periodically open the lines (you'll hear a couple of beeps) to open the floor up for questions.  If you have a question but won't be able to attend, you can also reply to this thread, send email to sbspod at , or leave voicemail at 206-984-0184 .

Probably the second most popular question is "what exactly is a podcast".  Basically, you can think of it as a recorded radio show that you download to your portable media player or desktop.  This gives you the freedom to listen at your liesure, fast-forward, rewind, etc, etc.

We're once again going live this Friday.  Inside SBS episode 4 will begin recording at 11:00 CST and we will again be fielding email, calls, voicemail - you name it, if it is related to SBS, we'll discuss it.  The more the merrier!

Phone number for the live call-in portion of the podcast:

(866) 500-6738
Use participant code: 8612341 (changes weekly)
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