Inside SBS #14 - The Mobility Meltdown
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First published on TechNet on Feb 12, 2006
We're back!  January was a crazy, busy month for us and we had to put off just about everything in the name of providing direct support to our customers.  We've finally slowed down to an acceptable level of insanely busy and the first thing we did was to record this podcast on mobility and SBS.  This is the straight skinny on common issues that customers call support for on mobile devices - ActiveSync, Mobile 5.0, MSFP, IIS configuration, certificates, and much more are all covered in this episode.

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Inside SBS Episode #14 - The Mobility Meltdown

1:00 Intro

2:00 MSFP - Microsoft Mobility Feature Pack
- Read more about it at
- Install issue on SBS
10:20 Emulators
- Link to Peter's blog
- Mobile 5 White Paper in the works

12:45 Troubleshooting tips
- Installing the ActiveSync Web Administration on SBS:
17:10 The ship in the bottle?
23:30 Configuring Mobile 5.0 devices
- Installing the cert
- AddRootCert.exe
27:10 Namespace issues with certs
28:20 Cradled vs uncradled issues with the Firewall Client (ActiveSync 4.1)
- updated information will be at
35:30 The dreaded error 0x8503001A
- turn off IIS compression via the metabase -
38:20 Always up to date functionality
39:25 Common issues and troubleshooting
42:00 Housekeeping

Other links of interest:

MSFP on Exchange 2003 White Paper:

Windows Mobile Webcast:

ActiveSync Web Administration Tool:

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