Financing Windows SBS Upgrades and Purchases
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First published on TechNet on Apr 02, 2010
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The recent economic downturn has made business owners think carefully about the best way to allocate resources. However, as history has shown, times of economic uncertainty also offer opportunities to plan strategically for the future . Investing in IT is a key differentiator that can help improve productivity, accelerate agility, and reduce costs.

With the recent release of Windows 7, there has never been a better time to migrate to Windows SBS 2008 and to upgrade your infrastructure. Windows SBS 2008 is designed to work hand-in-hand with Windows 7, giving you the most efficient, easy-to-use interface yet. You can purchase or upgrade Windows 7 and Windows SBS 2008 through Microsoft or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) financing. With Microsoft Financing, you can afford to upgrade your small business management software and even your hardware while keeping your monthly payments low. Financing is also available through OEMs such as Dell or HP.

Microsoft Financing

With Microsoft Financing, you can benefit from predictable payments instead of up-front cost, and you save yourself the hassle of seeking an independent source of financing. You can spread the cost of new software, services, and partner products over monthly or semiannual payments. You can increase cash flow with Microsoft Financing? Financing means you can increase your liquidity and preserve capital for core business needs.

In fact, you can increase your cash flow with Microsoft Financing by increasing your liquidity and preserving capital for core business needs.

Microsoft Financing lets you:

  • Get the IT you need to achieve business goals.
  • Manage software, services (such as deployment), and hardware as one investment.
  • Align IT benefits with costs.
  • Enjoy a fast, easy, and responsive lending process.

Microsoft Financing lets you purchase or upgrade copies of Windows 7, Windows SBS 2008, and other software to create an integrated server solution; select the licensing and financing solutions you want; and effectively manage the costs. You can finance any amount above US$3,000 to pay for software licenses, hardware, and even partner services. Financing is available for 24 to 60 months, depending on the financing program. There is generally no requirement for down payments.

You can get financing with two available program offers:

  • Software License Financing: predictable payment options customized to fit your needs and budget, enabling your company to keep IT and still free up corporate lines for other investments.
  • Total Solution Financing: a financing solution that includes not only your software licenses, but also services or third-party or partner products as one investment

To take advantage of either of these offers, you can choose to work with a local small business specialist or a volume licensing representative. Each option offers its own benefits. Local small business specialists undergo special training to help them better respond to the special technology needs of small businesses. Meanwhile, volume licensing representatives offer names you recognize and brands you trust, and they can assist you with large purchases.

For more information about Microsoft Financing, visit the following helpful Web sites:

OEM Financing

You can get Windows SBS 2008 and Windows 7 already loaded on a new PC that has been built by an OEM. This type of purchase can be the cheapest option for your business, but the OEM license has some restrictions.

OEMs frequently offer financing programs. For example, Dell offers QuickLease, which gives you low payments and flexible end-of-term options that allow you to own or rotate your technology. Dell also offers a revolving line of credit that lets you pay off your balance, make monthly payments, and purchase additional technology anytime. Similarly, HP offers several options that make upgrading or replacing your infrastructure as painless as possible. HP currently offers low-rate financing, a 90-day bill-me-later option, and other financial solutions for transactions as low as US$349.

For examples of OEM financing options for small and medium businesses, visit the following Web sites:

Invest in Productivity

Don't let old technology hold back your business. Take advantage of the productivity-enhancing features of Windows SBS 2008, which is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new Windows 7. With Microsoft or OEM financing, you can reduce the up-front cost of purchasing the information technology that your business needs to be more efficient and effective. Receive the benefits of your technology investment now—and pay over time. Save your cash reserves and line of credit for other needs so that you can keep your business agile and responsive.

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