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First published on TechNet on Apr 19, 2008

[Today's post comes to us courtesy of Becky Ochs]

So you couldn’t make it to the SMB Summit 2008 in Las Colinas, TX? Well, maybe next year. For now, here are a few of my favorite features from yesterday’s Windows SBS 2008 focused partner readiness day.

The SBS Answer File Tool is awesome! Kudos to the SBS Deployment Dev Team! I’ve heard several times throughout the day that this tool will help partners to streamline their new server deployments. Partners can fully install a new server (including a box that has been preinstalled by an OEM) at their own office using the customer specific information and then take that server to the customer site to complete the configuration.

They cheered when they heard about the Move Data Folders wizard that will enable you to move the Windows SBS 2008 application data to a specified drive.  This wizard works with a new installation, migration, or OEM preinstalled box. You can also script moving data using Windows PowerShell scripts. Very Cool!

Another of my personal favorites that I’ll call out from yesterday. . . Connect Computer , which is used to join new clients to an SBS domain, has been updated for this release. We’ve improved the user experience of this client side wizard. We still have our Web site access to this feature, but we’ve added the ability to run via a USB key as well. Oh, and did I also mention that you can now choose if your users are a local administrator or standard user on the client when we join it to the domain?

It was a day full of technical information about what’s new and what’s updated for the coming Windows SBS 2008 product. There was also great information from our partners who were talking about selling, deploying, and managing SBS.

Today, I’m going to check out what’s happening at the SBS Hands on Labs sponsored by HP and visit with more partners. Catch up with you later . . .

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