Windows Security and BitDefender automatically getting removed after Windows Update

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I have had to restore/reset my Windows 10 installation, at least 5 times in the last one year ! My laptop is a ThinkPad E14 with Windows 10 Pro.


I have BitDefender Gravityzone Endpoint security installed and suddenly notice that the taskbar icon has disappeared. On searching, I find it has been uninstalled. I immediately do to Windows Security to enable Virus Protection, but the Security page shows up blank!


Tried all options, including manually starting through Services, but could not get any security software to install or run. Ultimately had to do a System Restore or complete reset and then reinstall BitDefender Endpoint.


Ultimately found out that this problem occurs everytime a Windows Update is done, especially Security Update! This is not happening on any other PC of the company, where BitDefender Endpoint is installed. Even Windows Update stops working and shows error 0x80070424.


I have tried to search the net for a solution, but haven't been able to find any.


Please help! Thanks.

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Try report this issue through the Feedback Hub app.
Have you faced any malware incidents before the problem started?
Check the event viewer and see if there is any suspicious log there?



No, there's been no malware/virus issues in any of the PCs/Laptops within the same network. Will check the event viewer as recommended by you.

But this is happening even after a clean reinstallation if Windows using the media creation tool. I have even tried not installing BitDefender after a clean reinstall of Windows. Still, after a few weeks, Windows Security gets removed after a Windows Security Update!

Does it happens just after installing the BitDefender?
Are you using the latest version of the BitDefender?
Have you check with BitDefender's support?
Having failed to detect the issue, I have now done a clean reinstall of Windows using the Media Creation Tool. Also did a thorough cleaning of all data, using Tron Script. Will not install BitDefender Endpoint for now and will wait and watch for the next 2-3 Windows Security Updates. Thank you for your time & efforts in assisting me.
Maybe you'll test Defender Guard on this computer?
Please write your opinion on this topic.
Good luck


I would add that if the software is automatically removed, the
there is a large mismatch, and what do the error logs in this case show?
I would ask the BitDefender Developer why there is such a Windows Update action in this case then the developer should worry and explain it!

Never heard of this in the past. Maybe I'll give it a try after I see the original issue has been resolved.
Microsoft Security Centre also gets removed, not only BitDefender. And it is the Windows Security Update which is doing this. What is causing it to behave this way, is what I am trying to find out.

When the problem first occurred, I had lengthy discussions with BitDefender support and it was concluded that this issue was not being caused by Bitdefender.

Nevertheless, now that I will not be reinstalling BitDefender for some time, we will be able to safely conclude what is actually causing the issue.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Thank you for the update.
In any case, make sure check with the BitDefender team and report this issue in the Feedback Hub app.
Hi, because only one computer has this problem - why not compare logs and configurations with other end devices?
After all, it is obvious that it does not delete , but the registers show not the correct configuration - it is just a matter of proper comparison of logs.
Please write how to check it.