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Windows 10 Home - Device Encryption - Can I turn on without a Microsoft account

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Happy Friday! :)

I would like to turn on the BitLocker Device Encryption with an offline Administrator account, but I am asked to sign in with a Microsoft account instead.

May I know how I can bypass signing in to the Microsoft online account?

Any information is welcomed. :)



Model: Surface Go 3
OS: Windows 10 Home (No S)

Error message: You need a Microsoft account to finish encrypting this device.

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Hi, you can ignore these notifications because windows home version -> Does not support BitLocker.
The Windows Pro version -> supports.
You can install an encryption program for Windows Home, but only a third-party
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Hi Andrzej1,

Thank you so much for your information.

I mixed up the "BitLocker" and "Device Encryption", but you made them clear now. :)

Do you know whether we can turn on the Window's "Device Encryption" without an online Microsoft account?

Best regards,
Thanks Andrzej.

I did try to turn on the "Device Encryption", but I encountered "You need a Microsoft account to finish encrypting this device." :(

I shared a link to justify that as an administrator you can not encrypt devices, you can only do it using third-party programs, but I rather do not recommend it because - TPM and other security provide sufficient protection

What is TPM? (

Enable TPM 2.0 on your PC (

I went through the link, but I could not see the justification that local administrator cannot encrypt device.

Could you highlight the message, please?


Is it available on my device?
BitLocker encryption is available on supported devices running Windows 10 or 11 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. 

This is the part where encryption cannot be configured in the Windows Home version. because there are no tools - in the system. 

Thanks Andrzej1!

If I understand correctly, "Device Encryption" and "BitLocker Device Encryption" are two different things.
With Windows 10 Home, I could only enable the "Device Encryption".
If I am correct, may I know whether I can turn on the "Device Encryption" without Microsoft account?