Win10 1809 - Security Updates (non-cumulative)

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Good day.  I seem to have run into a snag when it comes to security patches for Windows 1809.  As part of our current patching process, we would scan the computers, download the delta patches and then roll those up in our monthly patch.  The problem is that when we go to 1809, there will no longer be 'delta' security patches for the OS, only cumulative.  This solution will not fit our current infrastructure due to bandwidth and eventually the size of the cumulative later on.  Is there a way to only get that month's 'delta' patches instead of the cumulative?  Also we are unable to add any equipment/servers to the network, so any cloud based solutions or online WSUS will not work.  We need to be able to get the individual patches and roll those into our monthly patch process.  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance.... 

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