WDAC FilePath rule level not working

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Hello Everyone,

I have trouble adding the file path to the WDAC policy. I have used both the WDAC wizard as well as PowerShell cmdlets to create the policy's.

The reason I want the File path to work is because I do not want to add fallback value of HASH or File Name.

The host computers are above Windows 10 version 1903.

I was trying to pass a Simple filepath using the Custom Path feature on the WDAC wizard C:\WDAC*

I have also used the Rule option 18 : Disabled:Runtime FilePath Rule Protection, but this has not helped

The goal is to allow all files in this particular folder (WDAC) to run, and for the rest of the directories I want them to meet at least Publisher level to run.

Even though I have added the Filepath in correctly, WDAC on enforcement mode still blocks these file present in the folder.

Can someone please help me figure out the Filepath Feature for WDAC?

Thank you.

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