Watchdog. EXE was found on my computer, 3 different versions. Spyware.

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I ran Security from Microsoft. Did not detect. Am using Malwarebytes. Won't detect. Defender Offline. won't detect. how do I find it. I saw the Icon on my taskbar. It's there.

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Are you sure this is a malware?

Try upload a sample of it to VirusTotal and see if it is being classified as a malware?

Do you have a Motorola phone or device?

If yes, most likely this program belongs to the Motorola phone connection to the PC.

Watchdog turned out to be part of my DVR server save program that I installed. Would still not connect to server, so I downloaded MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2019 EXPRESS ADVANCED. It fixed my ports and connections. Am getting faster Internet now. Thank you for your response, and I will remember VirusTotal.
Thank you for the update and glad problem have been fixed.