W10 Security Space - Rules of conduct

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Shall this space only be used for the AMAs or beyond that?


I.E. are they complementary to the already existing blogs, technet and such?


Are they a place to ask very specific questions down to registry values for certain purposes, etc.?

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This space is open to ongoing questions and discussions after the conclusion of today's AMA. It's meant to complement existing outlets like blogs and TechNet forums by providing a place to share ideas as well as ask questions. Feel free to be as specific as you like.

I asked because in the Deployment Space I asked questions that are lingering and find nobody who answers them. I was just wondering, if this is maybe the wrong place to ask the questions after the AMA, because no experts are looking at it after this.
Ditto, and good question. I can't even get our TAM to answer a question about Upgrade Analytics and how the data is normalized. Our Cyber dept. is very interested in knowing… still.
What's your Upgrade Readiness question? Want to ask in a new conversation? I might be able to help.
After the AMA is over, the forum remains open for MVPs and others to look at and answer questions, but we can't guarantee any Microsoft peeps will be around to help