user cant access his Microsoft account and his computer. Crashed during login after reset. Critical

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An 82 year old user had a crash or power outage while putting his password in after system reset.

Now Microsoft wont recognize his password and the phone issue doesnt allow him to get a text message for resetting his password. WE tried to use my email to reset with the code but after putting in his information sans recent email titles but it said the reset had exceeded the number of tries. He could not remember any email titles or content because it has been several weeks and he had not sent an email for several months.

He uses his computer to pay bills. I'ts going on the 4th week. He is desperate.

I need a way to recover or a work around.

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please take a look at these pages:

You could use recovery methods that are already added to the account, so for example if you had added a recovery Email or phone number to the account, you can only use those and can't use a new one to reset the password, this is to prevent people from resetting someone else's password and gain unauthorized access.