The files under some folders cannot open after re-install OS

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I unlocked Bitlocker, under some folders(not all) files are not allow to open, move, copy. Error message tells me no rights to do so, there is a lock icon on those files and folders. I am sure before re-installation of my system I can open all files after inputting Bitlocker password.


Update: I am 80% sure these encrypted files were protected by pfx, I have the cert file but I cannot remember the import password. 


Update: I found the import password too. Problem is solved.






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If you have the recovery keys, you can try all of them one by one on each file until all of them are unlocked but it does make things hard not knowing whether or not folders/files were encrypted multiple times.
Actually I remember the password and disable Bitlocker, there is no option to unlock some specifc files or folders with Bitlocker
So you mean that when you right-click on them, there is nothing about Bitlocker?

@HotCakeX Problem was resolved. I used PFX Certificate plus Bitlocker. 

take  ownership of the folder or files