Telemetry domainto white list

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Hello, actually i use an adblocker (like many).

But i also use AdGuard Home (DNS adblocker like pihole).

And in the list of ads and tracker many add telemetry of Windows 10, but i know that some of these telemetry link is for security purposes (like MAPS) for instance.


So i just want to ask if someone know what website i have to whitelist to be sure to not broke my security because of this network level filter.


For those who will tell me it's not usefull to filter DNS don't forget it's the easy way to block ads on mobile (iPhone) or Android without impacting battery life (since i don't have to install thirs party app who do VPN to filters ads), or worse Root android or jailbreak IOS who literrally destroy the security.

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Hmm, not sure you should if you have time contact , windows support to get the info you need. They are very reponsive helpful agents.