Several issues with windows 11, including windows defender

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I've reinstalled windows a few months back with a clean install on new ssd.

Since then i've been having wierd issues.

As a configuration i am using a 

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz with 32gb of ram and a 1660ti nvidia.

It's an acer nitro 5 made in 2019.

The nitro app does not open after restart of the laptop, i need to reinstall it, but then, does the same.

Killer ethernet app not working either.

Partition images take 0.5 secs to load when i open "My PC"

On top of that, since the last update my upload speed dropped drasticly from 900mb to 0.3mb and keep going like that. I thought it's a virus or something so i've got malware bytes but the laptop is clean. The most disturbing issue is that, when i run malware bytes the upload speed is back to normal, but when i close it upload speed is down to 2-3mb.. 

Has anyone else faced these issues?..or similar.

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Did you observe the issue with speed when you install the Malwarebytes?
Have you tried updating your drivers too?
All drivers are up to date.. i noticed the slow speed a day before i installed the malwarebytes.
I thought it's wierd how it got back tho, so i started testing with and without malwarebytes.. and i've realized that there is something in the new update.. might be from KB5030310. Right at this time while i write, i see new updates incoming, 4 to be more precise. I'll check if the new updates fix something after finishing them and return with a reply to this message.
Please install all updates and run a test and let us know about the result.
Finished updates. Ran the test again and this is what i got:
With malwarebytes: 851.92DL/800.81Up
Without malwarebytes: 894.84dl/3.74up