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Hi All,

I've been facing a problem that I can't get my head around. So I have presentation scheduled for next week where I have to do a deep dive into User Account Control for my team. Yeah I know, but it's necessary, so hear me out.


I have a part over sessions, winstation and the interaction of the secure desktop. I want to do a demo on the exclusion for UIAccess applications to bypass the secure desktop in a remote session like Remote Desktop or Quick Assist. So in the past when I enabled the GPO setting:


"User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop"


the app would allow me to enter credentials for an admin when I did a remote session...... but for some reason this functionality seems to be broken and the only solution is to turn off the secure desktop completely, which (imho) is a no-go.


My question, has anyone else encountered this? Is this GPO setting totally broken now, any solutions that leave the secure desktop turned on and allow me to use UIAccess tools with UAC process elevation?


Thanks for all that try to help!

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So, you manage to do this in the Windows 10, and you are facing this issue in the Windows 11?
Have you installed all updates for the Windows?
From what you explained, I believe this is a bug, try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file a bug report and make sure share steps to reproduce the problem.
Hi I filed a bug report about it. I had this issue on both Windows 10 and 11. After some additional research I read that the former version of QA had a build in ability to call the API to disable secure desktop on demand. This version, being a store app seems to be lacking this feature. I really really hope this will be fixed quickly as it's bothering a lot of folks.
Thank you filling the report and in case this is urgent, you may contact the Microsoft support.
However, the bug you shared will be investigated by the Windows team and they will attempt to fix the issue.
Welcome, glad it was helpful