New Windows skilling snack: BitLocker management for enterprises

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Got two hours? From basic understanding of BitLocker workings and recovery to practical readiness to configure and manage BitLocker in the cloud, brush up on how you can face the threats of device or data theft. In this week's skilling snack, the product team has put together overviews and guides on what BitLocker is and how it works, "How to" guides for finding your BitLocker recovery key, and bonus links to troubleshooting scenarios and a FAQ. Read the whole blog post at Windows skilling snack: BitLocker management for enterprises.

Unfamiliar with Windows skilling snacks?

There is a sea of technical information out there, so here's a new way to dive in without getting overwhelmed!

Every two weeks, there will be a handpicked snack-size selection of essential articles, demos, deep dives, and learning modules on a specific topic—all of which can be consumed in less than two hours. Skill up over a long lunch break, the weekend, or a slow day at the office! Break the routine with hands-off video or use your browser to turn an article into a read-aloud experience while you get up and stretch, take a walk, or multitask.

To catch up and view the whole menu, see Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros.

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