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Microsoft Edge Defender Is Showing My Site As Unsafe

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Ever since Edge went live, my website shows as unsafe to anyone trying to access it.  This problem is not just for people on a specific computer or people using a specific OS... anyone using Edge anywhere gets this popup.  I have called numerous times.  Most recently they created ticket #1022861212, transferred me 4 times to 4 different people and ultimately gave me a phone number that doesn't go anywhere.  When trying to access my site, the red screen shows up stating my site is unsafe.  There is a link on there where you can dispute the findings, I've since lost count how many times I've filled out that form.  It doesn't seem like anything I do gets me any closer to getting this fixed.  I have also double checked the SSL and it is enabled.  


At this point I'm really not sure what to do.  I just need someone to actually view my site to see that my site is an informational site only where I display my work and that I don't gather any personal information at all and remove my site from the blacklist.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  If so, how did you get this removed?  Aside from the usual generic articles about how to dispute this (that dont work) is there a way to escalate this and actually have a person review my site and remove it?

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Can you share us the screenshot of Microsoft Edge Defender window showing your site as unsafe. Also, check if the SSL certificate is installed properly and is not expired. It should be from a trusted SSL certificate issuer. The SSL certificate root CA should be listed in trusted SSL store of Certificate Manager (certmgr.msc). 


Hi @AaronAguilar

How did you fix your site from this red error screen? I am also having the same problem.