Jan 29 2020 KB pathes for Win 10 rolled back my kernel verison

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On my windows 10 64 bit enterprise 1909 PC's I applied the two patches KB4534132 and KB 4532695 yesterday afternoon 29th Jan 2020.


Nessus  on KALI scan before patch did not show this issue.


Now when I run today's Ness's update scans it is reporting that c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe as out of date.


Sure enough the ntoskrnl.exe file was updated on 29th Jan 2020 and is now at version 10.0.18362.628 when it should be at version 10.0.18363.535 due to KB434868 installed in December 2019!!


Anyone else having this issue?



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Same version 10.0.18362.628 on my PC with latest updates.

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There are no files exist with version 18363, it's registry only version to distinguish 1909 and 1903
all files in both are 18362